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Running, skiing and kitesurfing are the loves of my life - next to my job as a wellness and happiness coach and of course, my husband and three children.


I firmly believe that exercise can change your life. I also know that small lifestyle changes can lead to big personal transformations. That's why I started a "Start to Run" group last year at the American School of Paris.

After only ten weeks, everyone that participated was able to run 5 km.

They discovered that they were capable of more than they ever dreamed possible.


And this year, we will continue. I've created three programs: Fit in the Park, Start to Run and Create Healthy Habits.


I want to help you, Expat Partners of any nationality and fitness level, who want to create healthy habits, who are ready to discover what they are capable of and who want to re-invent themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Are you ready for a fresh focus on your fitness and your health? 


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Karlijn, I just wanted to thank you again for your "start to run" program. I did it last year with you and I have never looked back! You changed my life! I run 5km about 5 times a week every morning. I feel so much better! I have more energy and better outlook on life. I wake up everyday looking forward to my early morning run. Thanks again for making this a possibility for me. I never thought I could be a "runner"!

Diana Holman

“Thanks to the fit in the park program, I have got fitter, stronger and leaner. I like the chain of different exercises (each 30 sec. to 1 min) and I never got bored. This program has challenged me and has given me renewed focus on my fitness and my health.” - K.


 I learnt to believe in myself again! That with some hard work and dedication I am capable of setting goals and achieving them! 

Louella Braun 

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