How to deal with your friend's goodbye.

When your best friend announces he or she's leaving for another country, it can be heartbreaking.

Some coping strategies will help you deal with your friend’s goodbye.

Express and acknowledge your feelings.

Before your friend is leaving, express your honest feelings. Let him or her know how much you value the friendship and the good times you had together. And tell her or him how much you will miss her or him.

Acknowledge your own feelings. Accept that you are sad. The pain will get less when you meet new friends.

Be happy.

Be happy for your friend. He or she is starting a new adventure, with new opportunities. Be the supportive friend you used to be.

Make plans.

Make plans to keep the friendship going. Discuss plans to visit each other. Use Skype, Facebook and email to stay in touch.

Meet new people.

Once your friend has moved, make plans to go out and meet new people. You might meet people who you might not have met when you were all the time with your friend.

And now it’s your turn: What strategies do you use when your best friends leave?

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