I did it again

I did it again. I thought I would never do it, but I had no choice, at least, that was what I thought...

I signed up for a Meetup group. Do you know Meetup? Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Once you sign up to a group, you have to answer a few questions, and one of the questions was: "What brought you to Paris?". My answer was: "my husband's job" I did it again and it just didn't feel right. I felt like a "follower", with no choice. By the way the word "trailing"= to drag behind per an online Thesaurus. Is this what "trailing spouse" means? I coach people to "live their own why", to find out why they do the things they do and live THEIR life. I haven't been the best role model... I've been thinking about it, I could have answered differently. What brought me here? Of course, "my husbands job", but there is more: my curiosity to explore another culture, my interest for meeting new people, my eagerness to get as many experiences out of life as I can get, my enthusiasm to make a new home abroad for my family, my drive to start my business again over here. Moving again was my choice, my adventure. That said, I am going back to the Meetup website to change my profile! What would you answer to the question "What brought you here?

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