What I learned ...

Have you ever had a month so filled with fun and excitement that you blinked and it was gone? Well, those were the months of April and May for me!

Isn't it interesting to realize that many of our insights and biggest ‘a-ha’ moments come when we least expect them? I’ll share my insights from these last couple months.

What I learned from …. kitesurfing

On our last holiday, we did a lot of kitesurfing. I must admit that learning to kitesurf has been a real challenge for me! It would have been far more “comfortable” to keep on windsurfing. But why stay in my comfort zone? I had to carry through and believe me, it has been hard.

“The elevator to success is out of service but the staircase is always open.”

I believe in this and I live by it. When you start something new, it’s important to build up a foundation in order to stay balanced later. It’s also important to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. If everything was easy, you wouldn’t have these feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. And life is all about satisfaction and fulfillment! I can proudly say that I am a “kitesurfer” now and what I’m most proud of is that I never gave up.

In fact, I learned a crucial lesson: When you get knocked down, get right back in the game and keep playing full out.

What about you? Do you dare to try something new? When things don’t work out, do you try again and again? Or, do you give up? What if it really doesn’t work out – are you able to let it go?

What these expat partners learned from … running

They never thought it was possible – until they started. Step by step, day by day and week by week.

After only 10 weeks of training, these ladies ran 5 km! By working through the training program, they realized they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. They perservered and didn’t give up. They were reminded you can reach your goals, step by step, and that it's a wonderful feeling to celebrate your achievements. And I hope – no, I know – they have discovered the joy of running!

Many significant outcomes happen because of small events. When you consistently apply this principle to your life, you’ll find that small changes can turn into big wins for you.

What I learned from ... my camera.

I was trying to get the perfect shot of my daughter, Jolien. I took two pictures, and my (automatic) camera focused differently for each. It made me wonder how often in life we zoom in and focus on only one subject or idea that we are missing other opportunities?

As an expat partner you have so many chances to see and to explore the world. Do you grab onto this chance with both hands?

Do you zoom in on something different from time to time? Do you ever wonder how you can expand your horizons?

What my friend learned ... while she was staring in her cup of coffee

We had some wonderful weather here in Paris, and I really enjoy drinking coffee on a terrace in the sun with some friends. A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with one of them. We began to speak about goal-setting. She asked me: “Why should I set goals when life is so uncertain? I don’t even know if I’ll still be here after summer?” I responded by saying, “That’s true, our life IS unpredictable. But does that mean you want to sit and wait until something happens? Does that mean you should not do your best?” She looked deeply into her cup of coffee. “I can exercise to do my best,” she said. Now that’s the spirit!

We must set goals, make our plans, take action and chase our dreams. We can do our best! And once we have, we must let go and let life do the rest. Take action and chase your dreams. That’s what taking responsibility is all about.

What about you? Do you set goals? Do you make plans and take action? Do you live your life? Or do you let your life live you? I’d love to read your comments on my FB page.

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