Before I started the coaching program with Karlijn I had some idea of where I wanted to go in the future but was not sure whether I could actually get there for 2 reasons; 1) I wasn’t sure how to get there and 2) I didn’t think I had the confidence to get there. Through Karlijn’s careful questioning and coaching I was able to identify the obstacles that I felt were standing in my way and how to overcome them. I learnt how to break down mountains that overwhelmed me and stopped me from even getting started, into smaller, more manageable molehills that I was easily able to overcome. With Karlijn’s support and encouragement I was able to set achievable goals and this gave me the confidence to strive and achieve even more than I had at first hoped." - Sally - Living Your best life Abroad- Group Coaching Program, Hilversum





















I was in a negative spiral, and I felt I would need some help to get out of it. Thanks to the program, I am more aware of who I am and how I can have control over my thoughts. I didn’t realize before then that I am in control. 
I can spot the points now where I go down in the negative spiral, and by reformulating my inner thoughts, I get out of the negativity. 
I did change a lot; I concentrate on the solutions now, instead of on the challenges. I am still sensitive, but I am on the right way and I have the energy to keep going the way I am going now. I have more patience with myself and all I have learned will help me to stand up against external influences. Thank you! B.- Living Your best life Abroad- Group Coaching Program, Hilversum, 


I was feeling quite lost in life and wondering where to go next and what I could do to feel more fulfilled. This group workshop gave me great clarity on my strengths and passions, and with the help of Karlijn and the other people doing the workshop I was able to find my mission. The size of the group was great, it was small and intimate but still big enough to get a variety of helpful feedback and opinions. I am so happy with the outcome of attending this workshop, and recommend it to any expat who is unsure of what step they should take next or is seeking some clarity on their goals and life path. Thank you so much Karlijn! - Brinnie Gardner- Workshop Find your Mission, Hilversum


I knew that I wanted to do something, but I had no clarity. During the first day I identified which direction I wanted to go and what I wanted to develop. Now, I can see how I can start. I see more clearly how to get on the path. During the workshop there was a very good chemistry and a very supportive group.
The workshop was very practical. We set goals and we identified our priorities.  Karlijn gave us very good guidance. I am focused now on what I want and how I can do it and I can’t wait to get started! This workshop gives you more inspiration to move forward, I can recommend it to everybody!- Cecilie - Workshop Mission and Vision, Hilversum


Before I started the workshop, I knew what I wanted, and this workshop gave me confirmation/reinforcement. The booklet we had to complete as preparation for the workshop was very helpful and made my talents and values more visible. During the second day, I learned HOW to reach my goals. I will use the practical tools I learned, and I really enjoyed the feeling of being supported, by the group and by the coach.  I know a lot of things are “inside” and by doing exercises, I learned more about myself. Karlijn triggers what’s inside by asking the right questions, and this helped me to understand myself better. If you want more direction in your life, do this workshop!- N.- Workshop Mission and Vision, Hilversum


I have the feeling that I am on the right way ( thanks to you) ! I will fly in June to Chicago for a training ! The marketing things are done ! So everything is on the straight way! I hope your other workshops were also so successful as ours. - M.S. - Workshop Mission and Vision, Hilversum

I attended Karlijn's workshop after repatriating to Holland. I experienced serious problems adapting to life back here. During the workshop I found the courage to open up and be honest about it. The workshop leader and other attendants created such a safe environment that it was OK to be honest. I really liked working with Karlijn: she is honest in a positive way. She helps you see the openings, possibilities and ways to change in a way that challenges your mind to look for solutions. I would highly recommend this workshop to other ex/re/love-pats who are struggling to find that one direction again in life! -J.- Workshop Mission-Vision, Hilversum


I was confused about what I want to do next in my life. During the workshop I had a closer look to my mission in life, the importance to life according to my values and the fear that stops me to start projects in my life. I really liked the Coach, the environment, the content, and the space. It felt safe and nice. Working with a coach really helps me to focus. This workshop can be a great experience any moment in your life.  It can help to find answers to some deep questions that you have about yourself. - P.B. - Workshop Find your Mission, Hilversum


Karlijn has the skills to create a comfortable reflection zone in which personal and business goals are identified, and action plans intended to achieve those goals can be set. Intended to be a career coaching session, she inspired me to use the methodology in other areas as well, for which I am truly thankful. Her overall optimism combined with a perfect well-studied framework for coaching in different areas is surely Karlijn’s trademark. 
- Katarina Verhaegen - One on one coaching


Karlijn's coaching helped me gain the clarity I needed in a really big way. Through coaching I have been able to get the perspective I truly needed. I can honestly say I feel calmer, "lighter", in how I handle things in my life right now.  She has a way to ease things and ask the hard questions, makes you look at yourself in a different light!
Karlijn is extremely easy to talk to. I am glad I got the chance.
- Pia - One on One Coaching, Stockholm


I've had the pleasure of working with Karlijn, a truly gifted coach, no matter what your stumbling blocks may be. I found her to be highly perceptive, intuitive and intelligent. She took the time to get to know me and help me find ways to emphasize my own personal strengths. I looked forward to our calls as I knew that I would walk away with new tools to use in my personal life. She made the process of change and transformation enlightening and enjoyable.
- Christina Barkstedt - One on one coaching, Stockholm


I was honored to work with Karlijn on a coaching project. Throughout the time, I personally benefitted from the coaching sessions she was a part of, where a lot of significant productivity changes were introduced to my professional life. What Karlijn truly excels at is the more life coaching oriented sessions. The coaching skills are a natural "upgrade" for her personal traits and aptitudes. 
From my point of view as personal development specialist, Karlijn possesses all the qualities of a coach I would recommend and like to work with. She is highly empathic, focused on the people and creates a lot of space for her Clients to work on their goals and dreams.

In the future, I will definitely call on Karlijn's skills whenever a life coaching Client asks for a kind, caring and highly professional coach. 
- Maciej Zylewicz - Coach U


We draw on our personal experience and professional expertise to coach you, the Expat partner, through transition, and the challenges that expat life brings, and inspire you to find success as an expat partner. Send us an email telling us what you are struggling with to see how we can help you.

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